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What is PG Key and how does it protect my kids from online dangers?

Parenting experts and law enforcement have made specific recommendations to keep kids safe online.

PG Key is a new, simple to use, all in one solution that lets parents follow the best advice from the experts. It’s a key. Just plug it into a USB port of your kids or family computer and PG Key provides 3 areas of protection.
1) PG Key puts parents in control. It allows parents to control when their kids use the computer – and for how long! Remove the key and the computer can’t be used. Time limits can be easily set on PG Key so that parents can place limits on how long the computer is used.
2) PG Key creates a more kid safe environment. When PG Key is in, 10 critical parental control features are activated, giving parents everything they need to create a safer online environment for their children and teens. PG Key Safe Search content filtering allows the freedom to search the web, but prevents unwanted and dangerous content from appearing. PG Key instantly blocks hundreds of thousands of inappropriate websites, and even provides an easy way to only allow the websites that you say are ok. Parents can be notified by text message or e-mail if the rules they set are not being followed.
3) PG Key creates accountability… and helps you educated kids to use technology responsibly. Once kids know that their parents are no longer excluded from their “online lives” their behavior changes. That’s why the law enforcement and parenting experts recommend parental involvement as the best way to reduce on-line dangers. PG Key reminds kids that they need to behave online like they would in any other part of their life.

How was PG Key created?

PG Key was created by a design and development team that includes industry experts with years of experience in creating powerful yet easy to use software applications. In addition to the experienced technical members, the team also includes representatives from law enforcement (an FBI agent that specializes in cyber crimes), education (a PHD that currently serves as a district superintendent), the medical community (an MD and current member of the American Board of Pediatrics) and many others … including ordinary, non-technical, but concerned parents.

Is PG Key easy to install and use?

PG key can be installed in just a few seconds. Just plug it into any USB port and when prompted enter a secure password. That’s it! After you have installed, an instructional video will launch and give you more detailed information about how to use PG Key. The video and FAQ’s can also be accessed any time by selecting help from the taskbar.

Does PG Key block unwanted content?


We’ve all had this happen. An innocent search on a subject results in embarrassing and unwanted websites and images.  PG Key directs all searches to the PG Key Safe Search Portal, a kid safe place to search the web.

It’s highly recommended, but not required, that you use Internet Explorer version 7 or higher. This will set the search bar at the top of the page to use the PG Key safe search settings. It’s also recommended that other toolbars are removed. If you need assistance with any of these settings, our tech support staff is standing by to help.

Does PG Key block unwanted websites?


PG Key starts by blocking hundreds of thousands of sites that are known to host damaging spyware or other unwanted content. Parents can add sites to this list from as they see fit.  If your child or teen visits a site that you don’t feel is appropriate, you’ll know about it, and you can easily make sure it doesn’t happen again.  Parents can also choose to use the “allowed sites only” mode.  This allowed sites list can be quickly created from your “favorites” list.

All of these settings are available from your private user account.

What does PG Key record?

PG Key records up to 60 hours of all computer activity - Web activity, chat sessions, games, homework sessions - everything - online or off. PG Key only records when activity takes place. It will stop recording when the computer is not being used.

PG Key will record the most recent 60 hours; the oldest recording is dropped off as the newest gets added. For an average amount of computer activity, this should give you months of information.

PG Key’s patent pending capture process allows you to review activity in the same way you would watch a movie.  You can quickly scan through hours of video, or type in a key word or phrase to jump to the point in the video where they were used.

How does PG Key keep me in the loop?

Once you’ve activated your PG Key, you can set it to notify you via e-mail or to your cell phone when key words or phrases are used by your child or teen. It will also send periodic updates with information on weekly time used and other data.

Why is a device like PG Key better than some of the software or other solutions I hear about?

PG Key’s patent pending technology is the only solution that combines the best advice from the experts into a simple device that anyone can install and use in just a few minutes. And since it’s a key, kids can’t get around it.

Are there any monthly or annual fees to use PG Key?


Unlike other internet safety products and services, once you buy PG Key there are no additional fees. 

My teens know a lot about computers, can they get around PG Key?

PG Key relies on the AES encryption standard, the same encrypted password and security protection used by government agencies. Any attempt to disable PG Key or even look for information online will be recorded. You can add the word “pg key” to your notification list so you’ll get an e-mail or text message if they look for any way around it.

We have more than 1 computer in our house.. Do I need a 2nd PG Key?

You will need 1 key per computer in your house that needs to be protected.

What happens if my PG Key is lost or damaged?

You can override with your secure password to use the computer, then, contact our support department. If you’ve activated your PG Key and are a registered user, we will ship you a new PG Key for only $10.00 plus s/h. You can order a replacement key through the parent portal from the PG Key website, or the task bar icon.

How do I learn more?

Our support department will gladly answer any questions you may have. You can send an e-mail to or call at 1- 800-301-8698. Our office hours are M-F 8 to 5pm MST.

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Additional FAQs
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Control when the computer is used?
Simply plug PG Key into any USB port when it’s OK for your protected user to be on the computer and take it out when it’s not. No work will be lost when PG Key is removed. The screen merely fades to gray and access is suspended until PG Key is plugged in again. From this screen you can also choose to log on as a different user.

If your PG Key is lost or damaged, you can override with your secure password to use the computer, then, contact our support department. If you’ve activated your PG Key and are a registered user, we will ship you a new PG Key for only $10.00 plus s/h.
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